Open up this first box and start arlo pro 2 installation. It doesn’t need wire and some other reasons. product seems to be way better does record in 1080p so really good rechargeable to the audio mobile alert geofencing night vision scheduling what the resistance wire free. What plug-in smart siren local backup optical 24/7 CPR activity zones works in Amazon Alexa.  

Definitely lot of features first of all we get two camera kit because there isn’t any one camera kit so this is one of the cameras.

You can plug it in let’s see what this does think this is how you open the battery okay so this is where you put in the batteries. What else alright so here’s another camera you don’t know why they were indifferent packaging but whatever go camera number two of these are little pro cameras.

Put in the thing from your router in here here’s the power thing so you do need to plug this into your router. I do have a Net gear Night hawk rad router. So that’s pretty good this is like a really cool sticker you probably put on your door. You know window so that’s really cool I think it’s also waterproof what else.  

How to set up arlo pro 2 base station

Quick Start guide one of the mounds and another one of the mounts hold on alright you get two of these mounds to get to the batteries two of these batteries. This is probably the base station power about Concorde. What do you plug this into also the base station I’m not sure okay this is the thing you plug in. Router with some screws there’s this box we know what’s inside. Un box charger as well outside area get another Arlo Support stickers.

  • Connect my Arlo pro thingy to router.
  • Plug this thing into my sick module thesis going to be so awesome well.
  •  Plugin my sink module into the power outlet.
  • The power button thingy and now just plug it in.
  • Just put this pull me up here for now but I’ll move it down there in a sec alright so I’m back to my Wi-Fi router.
  • Go to Arlo Pro app on phone
  • Create an account to set up arlo pro 2
  • Choose freebase station and set up it.
  • Arlo it’s just you got to get a count for Net gear all right guys have successfully created  Arlo account.
  • Next, add your devices so let’s do setup do.
  • Turn those on see it’s how to sync sync one camera at a time and do not take the batteries out during the process.

Arlo pro 2 quick start guide

  1. Sync button on your base station about two seconds and release and wait for the thing to blink green all right it’s blinking green.
  2. Put the battery inside this one as well all right.
  3. Make sure is powered correctly they’re not connected wait one sec.
  4.  Base station knows the other one connects it’s updating the firmware on this camera as well.
  5.  Put the camera like right there so it’s actually quite high outside here.
  6. Next, click the sync button for ten seconds firmware is update it. Says it’s offline
  7. Connected my camera to phone and now it’s a live preview.