How to change Wi-Fi on arlo camera, today I’ll be demonstrating how to set the netgear Artic you the 1080p HD security camera. First thing Setup Arlo Q Security Camera, let’s plug the power cable into the unit and led over here will be your first solid orange. Then later on the start blinking orange in the meantime I can head to the app store on iPhone.

Over the iOS App Store if you are any other Android devices it’s available on Google Play. The app is called Arlo it’s a free app so then launch low right now now. If already had other Arlo units you can slog in to existing profile and add this camera to arlo app login profile. or you can always click on new system setup now with a new system set up then need to first make sure that you are painted to the same WI-Fi network.

So that you need to connect this camera to so you can to choose your system setup right now then pick advice. Now follow row and saying make sure units plugged in before the Amber like to be blinking and continue.

Now you’ll add it to Wi-Fi network once enter Wi-Fi name you can hit submit button. It says over here there’s a sync button on the auto Q. Arlo baby not connecting just press and hold the sync button until the LED is blinking blue. Then press it down now spinning blue and hit continue all right now let’s try scan a QR code that this phone. Where this app will generate and them to hold the QR code about four to eight inches.

There is that simple and once you hear a chime yes you heard a chime that means that they added the Wi-Fi user ID Si and.  The password to this camera just waiting for a setup all right now says they’ve discovered your camera. Make sure it was correct yes, it is and continue now this world will create a new account after entering old account information just hit continue and that’s it.

It says congratulations you’re our camera is now set up and ready for viewing our load will auto start and hit skip to camera. How to connect arlo baby to Wi-Fi for that press live they’re high alright so now I’m viewing on my iOS device. Someone does is switch over to my Android device here’s my Android device.

You also loaded the Arlo app and setup Arlo Q Security Camera and on this entry voice. You can now connect to Wi-Fine work. Currently my Wi-Fi is turned off so. You are using my cellular network. You can launch the Arlo app. Next steps is going to log in when the same user ID.

Then Put password that use previously for a setup. Now just hit login and now brought me to the camera list. And there’s very one camera in a profile hit.

Lively so it is working first mute the market phone.  just don’t know how to get any feedback you can make a Full screen. if you wanted to and well setup is pretty much complete everything else is just optional.

There is two-way audio if were to press this for example you can talk to microphone on my smartphone Then the sound will come from the RO unit hello and arlo baby won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

There so sound quality’s pretty good and you’ve already heard a speaker before take snapshot. or video pause it.