There is multiple reason behind the Arlo base station go offline. Mostly, Arlo face offline issues because of setup or setup installation. A base station or setup is a remarkable part of Arlo camera setup. Arlo app also plays a major role between the connectivity of Arlo camera and Wi-Fi. Through app you can access or monitor the camera but still how to bring an offline Arlo camera online is critical issue. Setting up a connection between the Arlo base station and Arlo camera is a technical process.

arlo base station keeps going offline

1. Reboot Arlo base station: –Sometimes, rebooting Arlo base station can fix offline issues. Follow the overall steps to do this, disconnect power socket and reconnect it. If power LED blinking light solid green, it shows that base station is connected.
2. Check Power adapter: – Check power adapter is connected properly or not.
3. Check port 443, 80: – Make sure 443 & 80 port are open on router.
4. Reset Arlo base station: – Finally, reset Arlo base station and put it on default mode.

What are the reasons behind ArloBase Station Offline issue?

Arlo base station offline issues occurs or resistance the connection between Arlo setup and camera.
Slow internet speed: – Check your internet speed.
Improper configuration: – Installation of Arlo base station requires technical steps to configure connectivity.
Firmware Issue: – Update firmware of router and reconnect it with Arlo camera gain

How can i troubleshoot Arlo Base Station Offline?
Arlo camera is offline, follow troubleshooting steps:
1. Check internet connection, setting or reconnect it to a new router. Press Sync button on Smart home security camera.
Internet LED blinks for 10 seconds, Arlo camera resumes to its normal mode.
2. Check camera battery LED behavior when it is closed and once check it after open batter:
· LED does not blink. Make sure that battery is not dead completely. Analyze battery installation is in a correct orientation mode or not.
· LED blinks blue rapidly. Sync started with base station.
· LED blinks blue once. Resync camera.
· LED blinks amber. Replace batteries.
3. Check Arlo camera connectivity:
· Note base station and camera distance must be between 300 feet approx. More distance can occur connecting or disconnecting issues. Thus, Check the distance between Arlo camera and Arlo base station.
· Check your Wi-Fi connection. Or make appropriate, proper distance between base station and Wi-Fi.
4. Check Arlo base station status.
5. Ensure that camera is synced to the base station.

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